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Sarah Parry BN, RN

Registered Nurse with 10 years experience, born and raised in the Calgary area. Over the last few years my world has been filled with babies and that need for their wonderful moms to have effortless beauty options has grown. Imagine not having to worry about hairy legs on your way to the pool! This introduced me to the world of laser treatments! I'm excited to share these amazing treatments with my clients and am always striving to learn new skills to make a person feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

Medical Director

Dr. Gregory Van Wyk

South African born, Dr. Van Wyk moved to Canada with his family, working in Eastern Canada and Manitoba. In 1999 he settled in Central Alberta focusing on Family Medicine. A lover of the outdoors and adventure he has also found a passion in the overall wellness of his patients. A passion he hopes to grow in the years to come. "Where the needs of the world and your talents cross, there lies your vocation - Aristotle"


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60 Min. Platinum Facial           $250

45 Min. Deluxe Facial               

Resorative                                   $240

Radiance                                     $200 Age-Refinement                         $200 Clarifying                                   $175 add dermaplaning to  facial for $70

30 Min Signature Facial           $150

Perk Add-Ons:

Lip Treatment                              $50

Eye Treatment                             $50


add dermaplaning to another facial for $50

Skin Genesis

$150 for  facial treatment

$100 for scar reduction

Buy a 6 treatment package and receive 30% off each visit


Vascular Therapy

$75 per 20 mins of treatment

Medical Treatments


$100+ (this is not per wart, a price increase would only be necessary if multiple clusters)

Nailbed Fungus:


$125/foot (it is recommended that all toes be treated on foot if one toe infected)

$200 for both feet

Vampire Facial


$800/ treatment - recommended once a year includes 1 follow up Signature Hydrafacial

Microneedling with Hyaluronic Acid

$400/ treatment - can be completed every 3-4 months

PRP Treatments


$450/ treatment of injections for fine lines

Hair Restoration

      Female $300/treatment recommended 4 treatments

      Male $300/treatment recommended 3 treatments

Same pricing for touch ups 



Dermal Fillers:


           Full syringe:              $550

          Half syringe:              $275


          Full syringe:               $550+

       Tear Troughs:

         Full syringe:                $550




Laser Hair Removal


Ear/Nose                                   $50

Chin                                          $50

Sideburns                                 $50

Upper lip                                  $50

Full Face                                  $150

Forearms                                  $125

Full arms                                  $200

Chest                                         $200+

Abdomen                                  $200+

Back (half)                               $150

Back (full)                                $200

Underarms                               $60

Bikini                                        $100

Brazilian/Brozilian                $175

Buttocks                                    $125

Lower legs-includes knee        $175

Full legs                                    $250

Toes/ Fingers                           $25

Pre Treatment shave: $30


Hair Removal Packages:


Save 30% per treatment with the purchase of 4 treatments on one area (If a body area requires additional hair removal treatments past 4 this discounted rate will be honouored)


Tel: 403-483-1936

Located in

Byoode Bar in Airdrie

#10, 125 Main Street N

Airdrie, AB


Winks + Whims in Okotoks

114 Elma Street W

Okotoks, AB

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