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Dermal Fillers

Increase volume and definition of the lips, cheeks and under eyes

Through the injection of cross-linked hyaluronic acid into the lips, you can treat volume loss, enhance the lip and correct disproportion. Injection into the cheeks and undereyes can correct volume loss from the decrease in fat pads related to the aging process. we aim to provide a natural result, with realistic movement and appearance.

Post Treatment Expectations:

  • Plan for a 2 week touch up to ensure even results

  • The amount of bruising and swelling is different for each client. To decrease the severity or occurrence of bruising avoid alcohol, anti inflammatories and caffeine the few days before and the few days after, take arnica supplements (talk to your health food store), eat foods like kiwis and pineapple and ice the area following treatment

  • If an vascular event (blockage of vessel) or overfilling of the lips occurs hyaluronidase is onsite to reverse the filler

  • Massage and injection technique are used to decrease clumping of the filler but small lumps is common and will soften within the two weeks

Dermal Filler: Revanesse 

The Revanesse family of dermal fillers is produced by Prollenium Medical Technologies Inc.- a Canadian company located in Aurora, Ontario. Prollenium focuses its attention on the research, production, marketing, and sales of novel biomaterials that can be used in tissue reconstruction. Prollenium is highly committed to the research and development of safe and effective products. Revanesse Kiss has been specifically engineered for lip augmentation and definition. The unique properties of the lips require a specially formulated filler to ensure ideal post-injection results. The result of this special design is a filler which is easy to inject and mold with fewer incidences of swelling.

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